1. Today's thread, we explore THE VOLTAGE THEORY OF VICTIMHOOD. My goal is to change how you see victim politics. You'll benefit greatly.
2. Many of you in the altright are proud, decent people. You fight with honor. This is a big reason your culture got its shit kicked in.
3. THIS MOVEMENT marks the moment in history we stop LOSING GRACEFULLY & start WINNING GRITTILY. The stakes are too high. I want grandkids.
4. Now, since time began, Whites have seen victim politics as a cowardly, lowly, dishonorable thing. Victims are disempowered. You're right.
5. But this has blinded you. Stop thinking about victimhood as a weakness & start thinking of it as the NEGATIVE CHARGE ON A BATTERY.
6. In electrical systems, VOLTAGE = the difference btwn the NEGATIVE & POSITIVE charge. Increase the difference, increase the voltage.
7. In identity politics, VICTIMHOOD = the difference btwn what a group DESERVES and what it HAS. Up the difference, up the VICTIM VOLTAGE.
8. The JOB of a community organizer is to AGITATE. Agitating is going to a group & telling them THEY DESERVE MORE. This UPS THE VOLTAGE.
9. That man is Saul Alinski. He trained Obama. Hillary wrote her senior thesis on him. He's the Godfather of the modern SJW movement. Watch:
10. There, Indians asked Alinski how to get White people to change the law. Note how he FRAMED their position in the HIGHEST VOLTAGE way.
11. Voltage sets the TOTAL AMOUNT OF POWER you can generate. You have ZERO POWER in identity politics if you ALREADY HAVE what you DESERVE.
12. Watch how Alinski describes his process of CHARGING THE BATTERIES of non-White groups to give them power over White groups for change.
13. Now here is where the magic happens. Alinski instructs them to GET AGITATORS to FAN FLAMES. To negatively charge the whole community.
14. Finally, one of the most stunning scenes of all-time. The Indians try to convince Alinski to organize around love instead of victimhood.
15. You guys see the devil in Alinski, & for a long time I did too. But that dude WHIPPED OUR FATHERS ASSES because VOLTAGE WORKS.
16. I keep hearing "oh but if you use identity politics & agitate about it you're no better than them." HEED 馃敟 THESE 馃敟 WORDS.
17. ARE YOU or ARE YOU NOT being victimized by POC identity politics? ARE YOU or ARE YOU NOT being genocided worldwide?
18. ARE YOU or ARE YOU NOT losing your heroes? ARE YOU or ARE YOU NOT losing your culture? Your heritage? Your history?
19. Do you know White people just barely crack the bottom of the Top 5 groups in USA for income? And yet YOU'RE punished for inequality?
20. Victimhood voltage is an ASSET, not a liability. It's akin to "net operating losses" in accounting, which are losses from earlier years.
21. NOLs are VERY valuable to companies b/c they offset future taxable income. You're owed something in the future. Victimhood is the same.
22. Another example of the POWER of victim voltage is the money Israel has extracted from Germany, payments which continue to this day.
23. I see far too many people here point and laugh at snowflake SJWs, not realizing SJWs are WINNING power by charging up their voltage.
24. It's essential that Whites begin to take on the identity of being involved in a STRUGGLE against those who seek to make them victims.
25. Every White murder victim, holiday renamed, statue destroyed, it all goes in the OUR STRUGGLE section of the White Civil Rights Museum.
26. Every great cause, in time, gets corrupted. You may think Alinski, identity politics & agitation methods are corrupting. You're right.
27. But that's HOW YOU FULFILL a great cause. Do you love your people enough to get corrupted for it? If that's what it takes to fight?
28. I've long spoken of the vital need to create an ALTRIGHT INDUSTRY. Do you fear a movement becoming a business? Is that corrupting?
29. Do you love your unborn great-grandchildren badly enough to do unprincipled things in our struggle to ensure their survival?
30. War is hell. Winners write history. Voltage politics works. Your children will have a future. The rest is commentary. ***