I get a lot of msgs from non-White ppl who feel like me - they SUPPORT WHITE IDENTITY in America - b/c they want to save the West from SJWs.
THIS IS NOT A COUNTER-SIGNAL to ppl with different views. It's just where I am, & where a lot of non-Whites are. for why we came here.
We recognize White identity as a necessary precondition to the West finding its WILL TO LIVE. Saving its values & culture for our grandkids.
We see that POC identity politics have been used as a crowbar, often by elite Whites/Jews, to pilfer Western values & culture for profit.
And we feel the way to save it is: identity politics for EVERYONE or NO ONE. For 60 years, we tried "FOR NO ONE" but it was impotent.
So now we're here, some of us Jews, Asians, Hispanics & Hoteps, in a culture war alongside Whites, for the rightful claim to White identity.
Anyway, this is a rare post about the ppl of all stripes in the same godforsaken trenches. War is hell. To better times ahead. 馃嵒