1. Here is what to do when you find yourself in this position, surrounded on all sides by normies tacitly calling for White Genocide.
2. First, BE COOL. More specifically, BE THE COOLEST GUY IN THE ROOM. This is a Sun Tzu fight & is essentially won or less before it begins.
3. There are only two forces that matter in social negotiation: VALUE and LEVERAGE. Value = Benefit of agreeing. Leverage= Cost of dissent.
4. Remember that at this cocktail party, these people are still plugged into the White-Hating Matrix. They have not been redpilled.
5. The BEST MOVE is, before the party begins, WORK YOUR ASS OFF to ALREADY be in a position of SOCIAL AUTHORITY. This gives you LEVERAGE.
6. If YOU were hosting the party, or regularly host parties these guests depended on your good graces for, YOUR FRAME IS AMPLIFIED 100x.
7. When YOU have LEVERAGE, saying a guest wants White Genocide will make him go "Holy Shit." His friends' support will become divided too.
8. This is the principle of MIGHT MAKES RIGHT. Consider, for example, one of my favorite clips of all-time.
9. It doesn't look like much, right? Just another instant karma vid. But have a gander at the same event, captured from a different angle.
10. This girl, so morally assured, so accustomed to attacking others, INSTANTLY concedes "I DESERVED THAT" in the face of greater might.
11. What you must understand is that SJW politics is a PATH TO POWER for diversity tourists, & the moral backbone behind it is soft & mushy.
12. Often, the biggest redpill is simply to pay consequences for your actions. SOCIAL LEVERAGE empowers you to bring about CONSEQUENCES.
13. This is why the first place SJWs will infiltrate in your company is HUMAN RESOURCES. It's the easiest path to LEVERAGE over personnel.
14. This is why SJWs focus on saturating college ADMISSIONS and STUDENT AFFAIRS departments. It gives them LEVERAGE over consequences.
15. YOU become the social affairs authority of your social group. If you're not, FOCUS ON MAXIMIZING THAT FIRST. THEN focus on frame games.
16. Host parties. Do favors. Be attractive. Always be doing cool shit. Be funny. Have cool friends. Organize hikes & trips. Tell your story.
17. So now, what to do IF YOU DON'T have the leverage of being social captain? Then you must OFFER VALUE. This is where BEING COOL comes in.
18. There's a term I like to call ASSOCIATIVE VALUE. It's the value other people accrue merely by associating with you. Crank that shit up.
19. Why do people rush to take a selfie with a celebrity? It's because when they SHARE it, they get ASSOCIATIVE VALUE merely by association.
20. If you don't have leverage at the party, HAVING HIGH ASSOCIATIVE VALUE will hugely amplify the staying power of any frame you set.
21. For a great example of how HIGH ASSOCIATIVE VALUE massively changes the power of your frame, internalize the truth of this SNL skit.
22. Literally take your brain, take that video, and then substitute "Sexual Harassment" with "White Genocide." Do it again. Until it sticks.
23. NOW, I'll assume bc you posted this on reddit, you had zero leverage at these parties & only decent assoc. value. Here's what to do:
24. FIRST think of it like baseball: without leverage or value, in a room of normies, you play a game where MOST at-bats DO NOT get on base.
25. The difference between a bad player, an average player and a great player is a 10%, 20% and 30% chance of getting a hit. Recognize that.
26. Your goal at this party is not a home run every at-bat. W/o leverage or value, that's impossible. Your goal is a .300+ batting average.
27. As a redpilled man, you should walk around armed at all times w a James Bond toolkit of frames to use in any situation.
28. Funny frames, serious frames, attacking frames, parrying frames, explosive frames, defusing frames. A wide array will make you dynamic.
29. To pick the right set of frames to use at this party, first make an assessment of the conversation's general tone. DO NOT BE AUTISTIC.
30. There is a time and a place for weaponized autism, but my dude IT IS NOT AT A COCKTAIL PARTY.
32. These ppl are having fun at a party ABUNDANCE SIGNALING that they'll be just fine if there's White Genocide. It's just status jockeying.
33. In your autism, you think the fight is over logic. It's not. It's over abundance signals. Opposing White Genocide is SCARCITY-SIGNALING.
34. Here, don't go direct, or you'll be blown out. You have to CRUSH the REDPILL and ROOFIE it into them as they drink something else.
35. Understand how framing works. There's explicit frames & implicit frames. Explicit is "WHITE GENOCIDE IS BAD." At a party, use implicit.
36. Implicit frames EMBED SUBFRAMES that are not consciously or immediately noticed. Your goal: SEED AN EMBEDDED FRAME that blossoms later.
37. One way to do this is to SAY SOMETHING A NORMIE WOULD SAY but embed a subframe with a VERY VIVID IMAGE that stays in the guests memory.
38. Here, use PACING & LEADING. (1) VIVIDLY glorify (agree & amplify) their abundance signal (2) EVEN MORE VIVIDLY glorify its consequences.
39. Some examples: Propose a toast of drinks to "THE END OF OUR LINEAGE!" Really sell it. Clink everyone's glasses, smile into their eyes.
40. Reference VERY POWERFUL images that will endure. "How do you guys feel about cyanide pills for White children?" Smile. Hold the tension.
41. "It's a good thing none of us will be grandparents!" or "I want to be the only White person on my block. Imagine how cool that'd be!!"
42. "My kids will go to all-Black schools." Draw out a world where their children are swamped. Tow the line between earnest & satire.
43. THEN, and ONLY THEN, if the guests, in cognitive dissonance, awkwardly chuckle then ask "you're not serious, right?" Can you drop facts.
44. The rule here is TOUCH AND GO. Say the fact, then shrink back in merriment of the party. Make the fact a vivid one, easy to remember.
45. "The US will be 30% White. Black schools everywhere!" Hahah! Smile. "Private school for our kids will be CRAZY in 10 years!"
46. There's literally an infinite combo of frames for this type of thing so I'll end thread here. Memba 馃崌 LEVERAGE & VALUE my friends!! ***
47. Last thing: YOUR GOAL is for them to see a trigger event, months later, & suddenly 馃崌馃崌馃崌 the terrifying image you portrayed of the future.