It's just for the love of God I was born to help this movement. Somehow. I studied the dynamics of this culture war every day for a decade.
Before law. I wanted to be an evolutionary psychologist. But I was blackballed - even summa cum laude from an Ivy - bc of my views in class.
My psych profs refused to write me letters of recommendation even with A's bc my in-class remarks were too controversial. It made me bitter.
That was about 10 years ago. I entered law school & studied evopsych in my spare time, obsessed with why I couldn't be allowed in academia.
Which led me to a meticulous study of the dynamics of the institutional SJW domination of media, corporations, colleges, the whole system.
Every day I would open the NYT and write in red ink how they manipulated words to frame their narrative in the most fact-twisting ways.
I started chronicling their tactics, then compared my notes with Heartiste back when he was "Roissy In DC" in 2009.
I watched our side take loss after loss, getting decimated in a culture war where our troops seemed totally untrained in the needed tactics.
I went on with my life but I couldn't let it go. Finally, in 2014, GamerGate happened, & even though I'm not a gamer I followed it closely.
For the first time, a group had organized itself into a tactical fighting force, leveraging weaponized autism for big wins in territory.
That was when I began to sense hope & a feeling of great purpose in life to amplify our impact. To sketch battle plans & to train people.
Then 2015 hit. The Trump train, the MAGA mvmt, there was now a time window, however short (bc of demographics), to actually win this thing.
I fought like absolute hell for Trump every day. Everywhere & against all comers. When he won, I hoped to go back to being a normie lawyer.
But I watched disarray set in & was horrified. With SJW institutions taking total control of the Internet, the stakes are higher than ever.
Combine loss of all speech platforms with accelerating anti-White demographic decline, the stakes could not be higher. I cannot sit idly by.