A better frame is to say "ANTE UP." Tell the White SJW that bc he lives in Whitopia, he must ANTE UP before sitting at the diversity table.
ANTE UP is powerful because it embeds two useful frames: (1) Diversity is a COST people have to pay. (2) Authenticity comes from paying it.
The COST frame artfully embeds the narrative that diversity is harmful. The AUTHENTICITY frame makes fighting the charge emasculating.
If you just said "You live in Whitopia" they will counter with "But I acknowledge my White privilege & help POC in every other way."
The counter, "But you haven't ANTED UP. ANTE UP first" exposes that they can't talk to ppl living with diversity until they do too.
It subverts White SJW abundance signaling. An inability to ANTE UP signals a lack of abundance to pay, losing both authenticity AND status.
You can even have fun & set an arbitrary ANTE amount: "THE ANTE IS 25%. You have to live in a neighborhood at least 25% Black/Brown."
Expect, once this becomes mainstream, to see a barrage of Slate/Salon articles, then NYT/WaPo, saying "ANTEING UP ISN'T A THING."
Google will start deprioritizing "ANTE UP" from online searches. YouTube will demonetize videos with "ANTE UP" in titles or tags.
Twitter will mark tweets with ANTE UP as sensitive content. The AP will issue journalism guidelines against using the term ANTE UP in print.
As a result, the game of poker will become marginalized by the media. The gambling industry will suffer, hurt in the collateral damage.
Captains of gambling industry will be approached by the ADL & SPLC that business will be saved if they drop the word ANTE (& donate money).
Industry heads will reluctantly make a token $1 million donation to ADL & SPLC, agree to new diversity quotas, drop ANTE, & resume business.
But the industry will never be the same. Even disavowing "ANTE" & White supremacy, media will be slow to forgive their crime by association.
Moreover, the gambling industry will now be irreversibly hamstrung by devastating diversity rules that sentence it to Abercrombie's fate.
All this from one little word, and White SJWs needing to protect their position as leaders of the Diversity Coalition by any means possible.