1. Amazon, owner of the Washington Post, is making a new TV series where Blacks heroically take over the South & make it a black ethnostate.
2. The Black ethnostate is justified on the grounds of "reparations" & in the TV series it triumphantly outcompetes America in every way.
3. Make no mistake about it: millions of Blacks will see this & internalize that it is real, not fiction. It will embolden reparations talk.
4. Millions of Whites will see it & internalize feelings of shame, humiliation, & ethnocide. It will reinforce the White suicide aesthetic.
5. Even worse, it will create massive delusions, exploiting the empathy of Whites, who will see it & think Black ethnostates work out great.
6. In truth, the real story of "Black America" already exists. It is called Zimbabwe. Formerly Rhodesia, Zimbabwe became a Black ethnostate.
7. Upon killing the Whites in Zimbabwe or taking their land for "reparations", Zimbabwe tumbled from crown jewel of Africa to poverty death.
8. Say it with me now: Zimbabwe is Black America. Zimbabwe is Black America. Zimbabwe is Black America.
9. Now, most Whites did not want it to come to this. Every race should be permitted its own grace, dignity and destiny.
10. With love & empathy, Whites WERE okay with a SMALL, stable degree of multiculturism in majority White nations.
11. But the changes made in the 1960s to White nation immigration policies were ENORMOUS. Whites went from "host" ethnic group to "helpless"
12. Further, we cannot unsee that ONLY White countries are being flooded with ethnic diversity. Whites were EXPELLED from Africa.
13. Japan & China have preserved their culture & cohesion through a hardline, immovable, "racist" immigration policy. They are ethnostates.
14. Now, the redpill. It pains me to say this, because I AM an ethnic Ashkenazi Jew. Alas I am persuaded: White decline is a Jewish affair.
15. The censorship on this issue is unbearable. But I must speak these truths, and those who do not know the facts, must come to light.
16. I can only hope that my ethnic heritage as a Jew convinces you that my analysis doesn't come from any hatred, phobia or antisemitism.
17. The 1965 immigration act was engineered & politically enacted by Jewish interest groups using ethnic diversity as a battering ram.
18. If you examine the Ethnic Diversity Industry, you will quickly notice that Jews, cloaking themselves as White people, sit on top.
19. For example: Film: All 8 major Hollywood studios have Jewish Presidents. Media: Every MSM CEO or exec board is Jewish or majority Jew.
20. Academia: Jews are 2% of the population but 25% of college deans & administration. Politics: Jewish sources are 60% of DNC donations.
21. The list goes on and on and on and on. And that would all be FINE if it was the result of capitalist competition. But now the dark side:
22. Much of Jewish dominance is simply due to anti-American, exploitative or nepotistic tactics. Here are some examples:
23. CENSORSHIP is almost exclusively a Jewish phenomenon. The White America philosophy is "free expression and let the idea market decide."
24. But beginning in the 1960s with Jewish saturation of US institutions, the BATTERING RAM of diversity crushed any idea deemed racist.
25. A little history for you. These Jews were initially Marxist, but after WW2, they came to a realization: "class warfare" was too weak.
26. They reformed Marxism w/ The Frankfurt School & tied Marxism's "class warfare" to blood. Thus, the racial oppressor/oppression paradigm.
27. Jews then went around with this philosophy to every non-White ethnic group & agitated for mass change, calling Whites the oppressors.
28. This became an extremely lucrative extortion racket. Every big company has had to pay off Jewish interest groups to prevent shakedowns.
29. Most Black leadership is Jewish, not self-controlled: Ex: BET is owned by Jews (Sumner Redstone), Rap music (Lyor Cohen, etc.)
30. You really have to see the Diversity Industry as a giant pyramid with Jews at the top making decisions for them. They pay Jews in return
31. While screaming SOCIAL JUSTICE as loudly as possible in White countries, take a gander at how Jews do things in their own ethnostate:
32. Fun facts about Israel: - Gay marriage? ILLEGAL. - Interfaith marriage? ILLEGAL. - Porn? ILLEGAL. - Immigration? ONLY JEWS.
33. Fun facts about Israel, con't: - Feminism? NOPE! - Diversity? NOPE! - Wall? YOU BET! - And now they're PAYING AFRICAN JEWS TO LEAVE.
34. In Israel, non-Jews get 20% of their paychecks get withheld and placed in a fund, which they can only collect WHEN THEY LEAVE!!!
35. The visual similarity btw Jews & Whites powers the strategy of "my fellow White people" when exploiting White empathy for Jewish gain.
36. Whites see Jews as co-ethnics. I AM TELLING YOU as 馃憦 a 馃憦 Jew 馃憦 that most Jews do not see Whites as co-ethnics.
37. On censorship, note that in many European countries, IT IS ILLEGAL to challenge facts about the Holocaust. That's right, jail time!!
38. Now, before your empathy blinds you, note that the Holocaust is THE ONLY EVENT IN HISTORY that is illegal to have a debate about.
39. Look up Ernst Zundel and David Irving. Zundel was PUT IN JAIL for YEARS because he was a HISTORIAN WRITING ABOUT HISTORY.
40. White unwillingness to fight for its own interests against Jewish cultural aggression is how RACISM came to mean ANYTHING WHITE.
41. Whites have let it go so far that even ARGUING AGAINST YOUR OWN GENOCIDE IS RACIST.
42. My mind was further blown when I read Mein Kampf out of curiosity & saw lo and behold, the same thing was happening in Weimar Germany.
43. Then you begin to see that even slavery - yes, slavery! the lynchpin of Jewish empathy extortion against Whites - was hugely Jewish.
44. In the American South, 30% of Whites owned slaves but 70% of Jews owned slaves! Look up the 1830-1850 census data & see for yourself.
45. I could go on and on and on, and maybe I will later this week, but why am I saying all this as a Jew?
46. BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT AND BELIEVE IN AMERICA. America FIRST!!! You sold me this dream and I WILL DIE before I capitulate in killing it.
47. And also, as a warning to other Jews out there of the globalist bent: THIS IS A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE STRATEGY.
48. There are 2 ways that this ends. In both of them, you are massively, massively screwed in the long-term.
49. First way: YOU WIN! Congrats! You successfully wiped out the goyim and have all their wealth, women, castles and assets. Yay! Paradise!
50. Oh, but wait, we won by importing billions of ethnic Blacks, Arabs & Hispanics into these countries. And we own all the wealth.
51. And there are no more Whites to scapegoat to keep them angry against. And they resent you for your riches. And they want gibs.
52. And we are massively, massively outnumbered because there are literally billions of them and a tiny little fraction of us.
53. So we are demographically outnumbered and oh shit these racial groups don't bend to empathy extortion like Whites do. Oh shit.
54. Result? Either Jewish genocide at the hands of Blacks, Arabs, Asians & Hispanics, or all Jews run away from these countries to Israel.
56. And that is where you see neo-fascism rise in a holy way not perhaps ever before in history. Here's your problem.
57. If I, a Jew, a member of the Tribe, Hebrew Schooled, can read Mein Kampf & think "holy shit, Hitler actually had some decent points."
58. Then NO ONE is safe from hating you once they find out who is behind the White genocide happening all over the world.
59. What the fuck will you do then, Jewish leadership? Weimar Germany only lasted 20 years. America has been Weimarized over 60 years.
60. You know the dreaded TRUMP VOTER? What will you do as 60 million of them learn to their utter HORROR that their hate of media was YOU!?!
61. What will you do when they learn that SJWs, third wave feminism, affirmative action, third world immigration, White genocide, was YOU?!?
62. THEY WILL HATE ME BECAUSE I SHARE YOUR BLOOD! EVEN THOUGH I STAND WITH THEM! You doom my children, and you force a war you will not win.
63. I will continue to live among you, and I will grow richer and more powerful. I will keep a love for humanity & hate you who destroys it.
64. And in 10 years time, I will come back and fund the apparatus that destroys you. We will organize. We will have UNBREAKABLE PRIDE.
65. You will know then what love and brotherhood looks like among men. And you will finally, for the first time, be correct to call it hate.